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9 Essentials of a Successful Real Estate Website

Agents that work with buyers and agents that work with sellers generally have a different idea of what makes a real estate website great. However, they all agree on the basics that their website should look great on all devices and include all of the features needed for lead ... View More

Top 5 SEO Myths That Need To Go Away

Because SEO is a complex topic, there's bound to be some old myths and misinformation out there.
At the rate search and digital culture are changing, understanding SEO requires constant upkeep.  Methods that put web pages and businesses in the #1 spot in 2015 may be ... View More

Why Every Agent Should Own Their Website

Let’s say you join XYZ Real Estate Firm and they provide you with a template, their template, to use as your website, and they do this for free. Great, you don’t have to spend a dime! Now you have plugged in your information to this template and all of ... View More