Why Every Agent Should Own Their Website

Let’s say you join XYZ Real Estate Firm and they provide you with a template, their template, to use as your website, and they do this for free. Great, you don’t have to spend a dime! Now you have plugged in your information to this template and all of a sudden you start getting a lead here and there. This is great, you think — “I love my website!” But the problem is, it isn’t your website. What happens when you decide to part ways with XYZ Real Estate? Well XYZ Real Estate keeps your website along with the leads that you have been receiving every month.
The other issue with using XYZ Real Estate’s website: Who are you branding, you or XYZ Real Estate? When you own your own website, it is a custom website about you and one that is designed to bring value to your clients. You can create the content, the look and you can make all the changes you would like to on your website. Having your own custom website makes you stand out from the crowd, makes you look different than your co-workers and shows that you are a professional Realtor who has a true expertise in the local market. Now you can take your custom website and your leads with you, wherever you may go. This is why it is better to own your own website instead of relying on your broker to build one for you or using someone else’s template.
To be successful in real estate you must invest in your business and own your own marketing. Don’t be at the mercy of your broker or a social media platform to get your business for you. By owning your own marketing, you can use tools that ensure you can get business wherever you are, and it shows that you are a true professional dedicated to your business. This is what will help make you a successful Realtor!
Jennifer Snyder
Automated Marketing Inc.

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