Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know for sure that I will get more leads?
It's simple math, really. If your current website isn't responsive (mobile friendly), you can easily double the amount of visitors you receive by upgrading to a Paragon website. When your website supports more devices, the search engines recognize that and send you more visitors which translates into more leads.

What if you don't have integrated IDX available in my area?
We are constantly adding to the list of boards that we work with. If we don't already offer integrated IDX for your area, we will work with your board to get it added (we don't charge anything additional charge for this).

What if I don't like any of your designs?
Our online website designer offers millions of possible choices when it comes to how your website can look. However, we also offer, and encourage, taking advantage of our free website customization services so that your website matches your existing marketing materials. Not only does this help with brand recognition, it helps you stand out in the crowd!

What if I don't have a domain name?
That's no problem, we include a free domain name with your account. We pay the annual registrar fees and look after all of the technical details.

You say I'm not locked into a long term contract?
That's right! We want you to stay with us because you are happy with your website and the service we provide, not because you have to.

What if I'm locked into a contract with another provider?
If you're not happy but feel stuck with your current provider, we still may be able to help. Give us a call to discuss your situation.

You include a lot of services for free, why?
We know what it's like to be 'nickel and dimed' and we don't like it either. Our success depends on your success so we do everything we can to make sure you get the most out of your website.

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