Free SEO Audit and Website Review

Get an easy to understand SEO audit of your website

Search engine rankings are based on many factors that change constantly, it's crucial to update your website based on the latest search engine developments.

If your website is old outdated, you're missing out on a lot business.

Better rankings generate more traffic and better leads!

Our manual website analysis will help you:

  • Discover the health of your website

    We examine, diagnose and offer recommendations to fix your website.

  • Easily understand all the information

    Along with a printable list of recommendations, a video is recorded as we do the audit.

    Not only does that allow you to see for yourself what we find, you also receive explanations, in plain English, of why something might be a problem and suggestions for improvement.

  • Find out exactly what to do next

    As a business owner — you find out what needs to be done to rank better and get more traffic.

    On an operational level — your webmaster receives a list of technical changes to implement.

    If you prefer, our team can implement the recommendations for you.

Example SEO Video Audit

Manual SEO Audit Example

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Sample Video From Previous SEO Audit

To get an idea of what your video may contain, check out this video from a previous SEO audit.

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Frequent Questions About An SEO Audit

What will I get with my SEO video audit?

What areas of my website will you analyze?

Many on-page and off-page factors are taken into consideration during an audit. Every website is different so while there isn't a single answer for this, these are the main areas we review:

  • Navigation / Usability
  • Page Titles and Descriptions
  • URL and Website Structure
  • Content Formatting
  • Internal Page Linking
  • Page Speed
  • Social Media
  • Search Engines
  • Local Citations

Note: If you provide us with (read only) access to your Google Analytics and Google Search Console, we can better analyze your keywords, click through rates, and bounce rates.

How long does an SEO Audit take?

Since each audit is done manually, by a real person, the answer to this depends on our current number of requests, the size of your website, and many other factors. We try to have your video ready within 24 hours but cannot guarantee a timeframe. If for some reason the audit is urgent, please indicate that when requesting your audit.

What happens after I receive the report?

The next step is up to you. You can hire us to implement changes, or we'll work with your webmaster and guide them as they put our recommendations into place. We'll even follow up and do a second audit after changes are made to check your site's progress at no charge.

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