Product Catalog Website Solutions

An online product catalog is an important cornerstone for many businesses. Creating an information-rich experience helps small businesses build interest amongst online visitors and is key to converting potential customers into loyal shoppers.

One of the disadvantages to online shopping is that potential buyers don't get an opportunity to feel the product in their hands before they purchase. A well designed online product catalog can overcome this by providing more detailed information and a plethora of product images that help shoppers make up their mind without the need for touch. A detailed product catalog can be an important stimulus to encourage visitors to buy.

For many online vendors, your product range and selection is part of your unique selling position: the products you have for sale are part of your business identity and are what sets you apart from your competition. Making this point of difference clear through an intuitive product catalog that highlights the best of your online offerings can help you build a consistent brand identity that your shoppers will value and trust.

Before You Get Started

An online product catalog will only ever be as useful to your customers as the information that goes into it. You can also use a catalog as a core business tool. An online product catalog can double up as:

Take the time to build a product catalog spreadsheet so that you can treat your products as data assets that provide deeper insights into how to successfully run your business.

As a bare minimum you will need the following details for your website:

You should also include:

You can set up a spreadsheet with the bare minimum columns first and, as you grow more confident in managing a product catalog and building out an immersive experience for your shopper visitors, you can add more detailed information (such as alternative products if shoppers want to keep browsing, or cross-selling opportunities for accessories or complementary goods).

You will need this basic information when you start entering products into your product catalog, so it will be more organized and methodical if you have this prepared in advance. If you have a large number of products, you can set everything up in spreadsheet and we will do the initial data import directly, saving you a lot of time.

Getting Started

These tips are just the fundamentals needed for great online product catalog. But you should always feel free to break outside these trends and try new things.

Whether you're launching a new website or updating an older website, always remember that customers should be the focus of every piece of content added to your website.

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