Website Features

It's not just a another website. It's a living, breathing, marketing machine that works for you 24/7.

Let's face it, with the technology available today, anybody can build a website. There are even places that allow you to do it yourself for free.

The question to ask yourself is, do these DIY websites get the job done? And, is it worth spending countless hours to save a few dollars?

Paragon websites have everything you need, right 'out of the box'.

Our easy to use admin allows you to maintain your website content with just a few clicks. Property listings and community details are all integrated so that you do well in the search engines and you're not sending your visitors away to other websites.

Whether you're just getting started with your first website, or you're taking your business to a whole new level, our website software is designed to help you achieve your business goals, at a price you can afford.

Many of the features available were designed to directly enhance your website; others are simply extras to make maintenaning your website easier.

What's included with your website?

While it would be impossible to list everything your new website does (although, our competition would love to see that list!), we have listed some of the more popular features below.

Responsive Website Designs

One of the biggest things you can do to increase traffic is switch to a website that works on any device.

Our responsive websites look great on everything from a desktop computer to a smartphone that fits in your pocket.

Lead Generation

Most buyers and sellers go with the first agent they speak to.

Within seconds, you can be notified of a new inquiry 3 different ways...allowing you to reply to a lead while they are still on your website!

With just one click, you can add a lead generating form to any web page that you create. Whether you want to capture minimal contact information, or get details about property they want to buy or sell, the tools are readily available.

Contact Manager

Not only are you notified by email AND text message when somebody makes an inquiry, all of their information is saved in the built-in contact manager.

You can see how often they visit your website, the web pages they've viewed, the properties they are searching for, and the properties they have saved. Invaluable information to have when you talk to them.

Content Management

There's no need to know any programming language, or wait for anyone to make changes for you...simply update your website with just a few clicks when it's convenient for you.

Create as many web pages as you like, and each page has its own unique page title and meta tags to help you get great search engine rankings.

Integrated Content

Keep visitors at your website (and have more pages listed in the search engines) with content specific to your area that's integrated. Area demographics, detailed school and library information, and local weather are all part of your website so you can stop sending visitors to other websites for that information.

Easy To Use Modules

Database driven modules make it easy to maintain things like area communities and attractions, useful links, and vendors that you would like to recommend to your website visitors.

All modules are easy to use and no programming knowledge is needed to have great looking information displayed on your website.

Save Time and Money

Everything you need for your website is included for one low price!

Integrated Database Modules / Plug-Ins

Website plugins keep your content organized and your website looking great!

No programming knowledge is needed

Complete integration

Easy maintenance

Consistent content

Integrated website modules make it easy to maintain things like area communities and attractions, useful links, and vendors that you would like to recommend to your website visitors.

Area Attractions

List details for attractions in your area.

Area Communities

List details for the communities in which you specialize.

Area Schools and Libraries

Select the counties close to you and all pertinent school and library information will be integrated into your website. Still a great way to get more search engine listings and generate more traffic.

Area Weather

Simply enter your zip code and the current weather will always be available within your website.

Bios and Team Members

Agents, teams and small offices can post agent bios, with a built in contact form and links to each agent's listings.


Post news on a particular subject such as current trends; also can be used as an online diary.

Guest Book

This is a quick way for your visitors to let you know they were there.

Integrated IDX

Listings within the integrated IDX are updated every hour so you will always have the most current data available. Visitors can use a powerful free text search to find the perfect property, and you have the option of forcing them to register to capture their contact information.

Automated listing alerts save you time and greatly increase return visits.

Local Links

Maintain links to sites that your visitors may find helpful and important.

Mailing Lists

Send email to promote new listings, price reductions, or just to say happy holidays.

News and Articles

Keep visitors up to date by sharing helpful news stories and articles you have written.

Property Listings

Create a slideshow on your home pages and showcase your featured listings.


A categorized database of vendors you know and recommend.