Integrated IDX & Property Search

Offer the most comprehensive and user friendly property search for your visitors

Free Text Search

IDX Free Text Property Search

See search results as you type!

Quick Results

IDX Search Results

Clean search results.

Attractive Details

IDX Property Details

Large slideshow with lots of details.

Always Current

Database is updated every hour so information is always current.

Area Specific

Predefined searches drive traffic to specific areas YOU choose.

Search Engines

Rank better in the search engines with many more indexed web pages.

Visitor Accounts

Visitors can save searches and listings for future reference.

Lead Generation

Forced registration captures the information you need (optional).

Contact Details

You can see all searches and properties a contact has viewed.

Listing Alerts Keep Them Coming Back

Stay in front of potential clients by providing them with useful information every day.

Return Visits

Emailed listings link directly to your website.

Daily Updates

Visitors stay informed with daily emails from your website.

User Friendly

Combines all their saved searches into one convenient email.

Save Time

It's 100% automated so all of the work is done for you.

View History

A copy of every alert is saved in the Contact Manager.

Account Updates

Visitors can update their account through your website.

Integrated IDX is available for Agent Deluxe Websites and Office Deluxe Websites.

Please note: your board may charge extra for use of this service.